May 22, 2011

Day 8: Evening snack

I am sure it is not just me whose stomach starts growling by the time it is five in the evening. During weekdays, I have to silence it with a cup of tea and a sandwich or dosa to go along with.
But on a weekend, it is always a nice snack along with chai.
So today, i made myself spicy vegetable paniyaram to go along with my ginger chai. Rain would have made it perfect, but the CSK-RCB match makes up for it. Tea, match and snack. I love weekends!

What did you have for your snack today?


  1. Incredible ! Cause mum made the same thing at home yesterday too :P

  2. Wow.. It seems like a perfect Weekend....
    Fortunately, I too had a chance to eat evening snack on Sunday.. N that too road side NYC...:P
    Its called Falafel...Total Yum.... :D

  3. @Anusha
    Makes for a wonderful snack on a rainy evening.

    Yepp, have eaten it in Kodai, the vada kind of thing inside Pita Bread. Enjaai maaDi!