May 17, 2011

Day 3: Escape!

There are days when I want to tear my hair apart, ditch the job, pack my bags and set off to a wellness camp or travelling up the hills. When I feel that I have had enough, what is the point of doing what I am doing, the whole purpose of existence gets questioned. The idea of seeing the world, without a care or worry starts creeping into the mind. If only that was an option everyone had!
Everything starts appearing wrong and the whole world looks like it is against you.
It is at that point that I stop and think of what made me hold on for so long. And i call Amma up. She brings in sanity and balance to my life.
And it is at this point that i apply leave for a week and set off home. Not running away. But taking a well deserved break after too much work. One week. In Mysore. Fresh air, endless cups of tea, and the joy of being at home.


  1. Wow,
    you are making me feel like coming back Home...
    As truly said, Mom brings back sanity in us... Waiting for her to hug and pat your back and say.. "Its okay, Dont worry, things will get settled"
    Happy Vacation! The bliss of staying home and be pampered... aaaah.. i miss that... :)

  2. :) I know! Hope you get yours real soon!