July 18, 2010


I have always stood for girl-power and independence of women. The independence could be financial, emotional or a simple thing like not being at the mercy of someone to get things done.
Today had a lesson in store for me which taught me otherwise. I was on the way back from my regular visit to Sapna Book store to check out the latest books and magazines. At a signal, my Activa, which contributes a big deal to my "independent" feeling, stopped right in the middle of the road! No amount of trying would get the self start to work! After some incessant honking and swearing from people behind me, i realized i was in their way. Forgetting the imminent worry at hand, i pushed the vehicle to a side. One of the things i cannot do is heave the 100 kilo vehicle to put it on the center stand. So kicking it up to get it started was out of question!
Tried to kick it without the stand on. When my attempts went futile, i gave the vehicle itself a kick or two and swore! It would have started off had it had some feelings! I have never treated it that badly! I thought i was doomed for the day, with nobody around to ask for help also.
That is when a good Samaritan, who worked at the petrol bunk near the place i was stranded, gave me a hand. After multiple kicks the vehicle revved back to life! Ah, the sound of the engine in full force! It was music to my ears then and put an end to my worries! The "tumba thanks ri" that i told him was definitely not enough to sum up the gratitude i was feeling towards him today.
It was good Karma at work or what i dunno! The person was godsend for me today.
And that i when i also realized that it is not possible to do everything by yourself. There might be girls out there capable at managing their vehicles by themselves. Please take a bow! I am not there yet! And i do have to depend on someone for it! So until i learn to do that, i will tone down the "i don't need anybody's help around" statements! :)

P.S. My vehicle is apparently due for a battery change. Poor thing, not its fault. Has not given hand in these four years. So next week, it will be all fit and i will be back on it humming baadal pe paon hai!
P.PS. On a totally unrelated note, at this point, i can't help but think of the people out there who go vroom vroom on their "bikes"! I have the feeling that you'll think how the Activa pales in comparison to your vehicles. Go ahead and amuse yourselves. I love my vehicle, say what you!

July 8, 2010

What's your Rashee?

I don't remember how this started off but i spent a good amount of time yesterday, along with my two friends at home, reading through characteristics of our own sun signs, characteristics of people(ahem..,read men ;)) of other sun signs, love compatibility and so on. I know it sounds really dumb but let me tell you, it is an awesome way to pass time.
It first started off with our own signs, nodding our heads in agreement to most of the things that were said there, laughing out loud at certain things, trying to relate to the quirks and traits listed under our respective sun signs.
That is when we realized that we could even check which sun sign was most compatible to ours. To our dismay, each of us got just two or three signs that were compatible out of the whole lot! Narrows down the options so much more if you believe in all of it! There were admonitory statements like "This is a doubtful connection" and "Friendship may be the best idea here." :P. What a laugh i have had when i read the latter statement! Adding to the bliss was the fact that I had one extra compatible sun sign compared to my friends' ;) How lucky, no? :P

To get a picture of what i am saying, you should read Linda Goodman's analysis of sun signs in a detailed manner- How to recognise an aries person, the aries man, the aries woman, the aries boss, child and so on for all sun signs. I remember reading it in college but revisiting it was nothing less than a re-revelation to me. It was but natural for me to start analyzing the people around me based on what was written under their sun sign. If you find it interesting, sit down and read through the whole thing. Then spend some time dwelling on it, you might even start thinking that all that is said in the book is true. Maybe, studying people on the basis of their sun sign will turn out to be a fun activity to pass your time at college or work.
But the flip side to believing in it would be that, like me, all of you will be left with too many fingers on a hand to count the signs compatible to yours. You may get cursed by your room mate that your future husband should turn out to be of a sign most incompatible with yours. And you will be guarded against giving your heart to someone who is of a dissonant sign( i know idu swalpa over aaithu ;)). But again, to be very sure, I won't miss asking the charming guy who comes along- What's your Rashee? first. After i have asked that, i might as well ask, What's your Gotra? And then only comes the cup of coffee ;)