May 18, 2011

Day 4: The great equalizer

Woke up early today morning. Was going through the newspaper while having tea. That's when i heard a real loud ring tone that was unfamiliar. I was wondering if Amma's taste of music had changed so much overnight! That's when i heard. "Haaa, naan Jaya maataaDta idini. Sanje 4 ghante ge bartini."( ha, this is Jaya speaking. Will come there at 4 in the evening). Jaya, ladies and gentlemen, is my maid. She carries a mobile phone, and can be reached on it in case she is delayed or there is unexpected extra work at home.
So out of curiosity, i went through Amma's phone. That's when i noticed a number of phone numbers that read something like, Lokesh-flower, Vasu-plumber, Suja- gardener. There was a painter, carpenter, mason and tiles layer in the list too. Asked her about all these numbers. She says, all of them are reachable through the phone. One phone call, we tell them the job at hand and when we are free and they are there on that day if they are free.
It got me thinking as to how much the mobile phone has changed their lives. Carpenters and plumbers are so hard to come by these days for small odd jobs. Their phone numbers get forwarded by recommendation if their work is prompt and good. And that means more business to them. All of them have a vehicle for transport and a mobile phone for connectivity. And we consumers, just have to make a phone call for the fixing service. Absolutely no need of visiting the store or waiting for the person to turn up. Make a phone call and probably another as a reminder. And have that leaking tap fixed without much effort!
About a few years back, the mobile phone was a thing of luxury.Today, it is hard to find someone who does not carry a mobile phone. I myself maintain two of them ;). And well, whether it is my dad or the chief minister or the gardener, one common thing between them is that all of them have a ten digit mobile number on which they can be reached!

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