May 16, 2011

Day 2: Just when you thought...

...that the rains would bring the much needed respite from the heat, that the pitter-patter will be music to ears, when you raise your head from under the umbrella to feel the drops hitting your face in full filmy style, when you step out of the air conditioned office into the open and smell mud, just then, right then the crazy car guy has to come and splash the muddy water on your dress! Damn the guy! And damn the roads in the city, full of potholes.

Dear God, please do something so that :
  • The Namma Metro work gets completed blazing fast and there are fewer vehicles on the roads.
  • There is more soil and trees along the roads so that the water can seep in and not remain on the roads.
  • The people sitting comfy in their cars do realize that there are pedestrians who are walking on the road and are forever dreading the mud splash attack because of the speeding cars.
One day, I want to be able to walk around in Bangalore with the umbrella, enjoying the rain and not have a single worry about slush or stench or potholes! Just me and my tanhai and a nice rain song playing in my head, rim jhim gire saawan!


  1. Youve been watching too many Hindi films dearie !!!

  2. :P Maybe yes! But just that the showers come with a bunch of woes! I had to tread so carefully today. Anywhere i walked, i could hear my feet go pachak pachak :)

  3. Y isn't there a like button in your BLOG...
    Do something about it...
    Loved the entry again... Reminds me of you know, typical Romantic movie... but of course how much we enjoy rain in India... :)

  4. About the roads in Bangalore,hope ur wish comes true soon! It would be a boon to many pedestrians

  5. @Harshu

    It is really easy to press like button and leave it at that. Idea is to write more:P