May 27, 2009

End of a joyride called college!

How many times have you woken up and cursed the college simply because it exists and you need to go there to attend those blasted classes?!And how many times have you secretly wished that a lecturer would fall ill or something so that you could have a class off? I have probably done it all through the four years of my engineering. But alongside, i have also looked forward to meeting up with friends in college, catching up on the latest college gossip, the bunking and going loafing. It is as if, there are two separate worlds inside those college gates- one, outside the classroom and one inside!

Well, yesterday was the last day that i got to spend in the class, during the photo session. Amidst taking pictures and signing autographs, we also made sure we left our mark in the class. The beam in the center of our classroom, all brightly whitewashed, now sports a message-"8th CS-A 05-09 was here", just like the one in Shawshank Redemption.

I had always imagined that i would be all teary eyed and sappy on the last day. However, it was not to be, what with all the PJs being cracked and the smiling for the pictures. I was extra happy since we had wrapped up the project only the previous day!
With the project also over, it is as if there is nothing more to do for now!( i have blocked out exam preparation entirely out of my mind, as of now) It all just adds up to the empty feeling that i have when i wake up these days( of course, half the empty feeling is because Sony Max has some bad movie playing at 8 since monday)! To top it, there are neighbors who see me at home all the time and keep asking me-" college ilva?", "college mugitha?". Howdu! College mugithu. And i am not exhilarated about it. The four years seem to have passed in a jiffy and have left me wanting more! And in a matter of a few days, the exams will also be over and it will be THE end of my college life! I am going to miss all my friends, the juice center,the steps, the parking lot, the placement cell and all the fun i have had in college. One big regret is that i can't seem to recollect which was the last class that i bunked :(. After all, i won't get to do it anymore!!

May 16, 2009

The blue book rests in peace!

I completed, no, successfully completed the last set of internal assessment tests of my engineering today. What a relief!!No more internals!! Each day of the internals is a trying experience and all that one wants is to get it over with. I really cannot get myself to believe that i have gone through almost 24 such sets of tests through these four years.
Way back in the first year, the internals were serious affairs with all of us sincerely preparing and vying to get the much coveted 25 in all the subjects. As we got higher up through the semesters, the interest and the seriousness waned, and so did the marks! The graph was anything but exponential. All that we prepared and prayed for was the magic number of 15, by hook or crook ;) ! There were some hopeless subjects along the way in which i thought i'd not get even that- EC,CO, Adv MuP, SE... i could perhaps list most of the subjects we studied! But to compensate for the nightmares they gave, i am sure we had some interesting subjects too, but i can't remember any of them :D. Do remind me if you can think of any!
Anyway, i am glad that i don't have to go through the ordeal of IAs anymore. It has been one herculean task to get those marks each semester. I'd like to thank all my friends who directly or indirectly helped me get through my internals. Thank you for the combined studies, for explaining all the stuff i'd skipped, for letting me peep into your books, for the pdfs and the chits! The marks wouldn't have been so good without your support ;).