May 21, 2011

Day 7: Shopping

Missed posting yesterday. The shots i took did not turn out very great.
Here is my acquisition for the day:
Four cute ceramic tea mugs.
A new hypermarket has opened in mysore in an upcoming mall. People flock it as if they have never seen a mall before! At any point in time, (a generalization i am making after three visits at different times of the day over the past week), all the 11 counters are full of people. But given the kind of stuff and the offers in store, I am certainly not surprised.
The mugs, priced at rupees 13 each were a steal :).
Called EasyDay, the hypermarket is owned by the Bharti group and it sources stuff from their Bharti-Walmart stores.


  1. I thought Bharti Walmart started their first in Ludhiana or some place in Punjab,dint know they had started one in Mysore too!

  2. Yepp. They have one here too. Very soon, there is going to be a multiplex also!

  3. ya its a steal, but is it similar to the ones we generally gift to people?

  4. i dunno if you can give them as gifts.. Not that well made. But for home use, they are great!