September 11, 2011

URGENT, IMPORTANT: Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 needed

"Akka! Your phone screen is so small. I play angry birds so much better at home, on the tablet", cribbed my nephew. On another occasion, i was sitting in the upper berth of the train and peeped down to notice my face on a screen. It was the front camera at work - on the tablet of the person in the lower berth. I saw all these as signs that i should get my own tablet. But why would i need a tablet? While i can put down a number of reasons justifying that a tablet is not exactly needed as of now, at the same time, i can ask a simple question to myself- Why not? :)
For a weekly train traveler like me, a tablet would be an ideal companion. And when it is a tablet as sleek and stylish as the Tab, who would say no to it? I am used to lugging around my 2 and half KG laptop to all places. So you can imagine my surprise when i saw that the Tab weighs just 565 grams!!! Would certainly be really convenient to carry around the thinnest tab in the world!
Going beyond the looks, the Samsung Galaxy Tab runs the Honeycomb OS with an added TouchWiz experience which separates this tab from other tablets in the market. Also present is the SWYPE capability to the keyboard. Won't have to complain about how difficult it can get to type quickly on touch screen. It won't be type anymore- it will be SWYPE.
The tablet would be the one stop entertainment package, on the go for me. New look music player, ease of launching the mp3 player from the Samsung dock, 1280x800 LCD display which provides impressive clarity. So that's music and movies to give me company. With 16 GB of memory, I think I won't be short of too many options.
And well, I can always take shots with its 3 Mp camera, but more importantly, sync up with family and friends online using its front camera. To go online, the tab comes equipped with Wi-Fi capability.
And to enjoy the world of thousands of apps, I would just have to login to my gmail account and am good to go!
I could get an ebook reader and enjoy reading the latest bestseller off the Tab, take notes, keep reminders- basically all things at one place. And with a 1GHz NVidia Tegra 2 processor and 1GB of RAM power, i could do all that i want at lightening fast speeds. Before you could think of how long the battery would last, let me tell you that it apparently last 8 and a half hours- a real WOW evoking factor!
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 has actually made me crave for it after the first look.It is the best that is available, with the Samsung stamp on it. What more should i ask for?! So ignoring the "Do you need it question", I want to get my hands on one as soon as possible. If I could get it as a prize, I would go Yay and celebrate. So here is my entry for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 contest. Fingers crossed!