February 18, 2009

Firsht Day!

First day of the 8th semester! I was as excited as i was on the first day of college some three and half years ago. So i get to college earlier than class time and find only a handful of people standing in front of class.Then we do the customary hi-hello and wait for the lecturer to turn up. No sign of the lady,so we go roaming. The first stop is the temple where i prayed for a wonderful final sem. Hope Lord Ganesha was listening! With an hour at hand before the next class, what better way to spend the rest of the time than at Yampa? Caught up on the latest college gossip, gloated at being the seniors of the college and all, over chai.

By the time the next class was due to start, a lot of people had finally decided to grace the classroom with their presence. Second hour was Constitution of India & Professional Ethics(,according to VTU syllabus ;)). It seemed to me like i was back in school in the civics class.

Third hour was Advanced Computer Architecture(ACA). The lecturer came in and started talking about responsibility, discipline and how we were going to step into a new life soon. How we would be recognized for our individuality in the industry and how engineering had made us all lazy(how true!). I was waiting for him to stop doling out advice and to come to the point. But no! The sermon went on and on and touched myriad topics, ranging from Darwinism, evolution, spirituality to modeling our life and future. The modeling then found some link with robots and AI. By then, half the people were wondering what was happening! And someone fell asleep. The lecturer woke him and actually asked if the lecture was causing any inconvenience to him!! To top it all, he conducted normal conversation using technical terms and it kept us in splits. One really weird class which i enjoyed! Never seen so many topics discussed in the span of one lecture.

The last hour was that of the strict,action-taking lecturer. Only, he did not take any action for bunking two weeks or bother to scold us. Probably realized by now that it is of no avail! While the previous class was full of entertainment, this one was completely dull. The lecturer simply read out from the notes he had got, stressing on totally unwanted stuff.The way he droned on and on only made things worse. After what seemed like an eternity, did the last hour get over! It is classes like these that make you simply want to stop coming to college. Thank god for friends and the fun stuff we get to do in college. And thank god for the holidays we get once a while! By the way, naaLe is raja! Yay!! Seems Dalai Lama is visiting our college tomorrow. The college is all spruced up for his visit. If you are in JCE, you do not want to miss our old airplane in the quadrangle,replete with fresh coat of paint. Who is going to call it junk now?


  1. Copyrightsss....How dare you write my nap-story without my legal consent Aparna??;) I am furious, Grrr...haha..Well 1st day of our final sem passed by with loads of pain and also fun filled with it. CIP was cool and funny, ACA definitely corroded us all.Never in my Engg history I came up with such a lengthy philosophy, ufff..Unquestionably a Mr. Garagasa material.
    And regarding the airplane,after its new found "shringara", I wonder now whether its the same F-16 driven by Abhinav Bindra in Yelahanka a week back..;P

  2. Good news! Finally that plane is getting painted!!

    I could understand who was the boring lecturer who read out notes, but who takes ACA? Some new lecturer??

  3. @ Bharat
    He he.. your nap was the inspiration to that part of my post. Inspiration is not counted as copyright infringement alva? ;)

    @ Jyothi

    ACA lecturer is Shivmurthy sir.
    And I'll send a pic of the plane in its new avtar. you should see it.