February 1, 2009

When Roger Federer cried...

"The stage is set .I hope we can live up to them (expectations) like we did in Wimbledon. " This is what Roger Federer had to say before the match that the whole world was waiting for! Expectations were high and how! He was gunning for his 14th Grand Slam title and then there was the epic semi final that set the bar really high.

Though Federer leveled the match at two sets all, he was not exactly in his best form. The guy did not serve well, struggled with his backhand and made too many errors! Nadal seemed to have endured the strain of the semi final and succeeded in breaking the calm of the otherwise unruffled Federer. It was as if the man on the mission resigned in the final set and just let the match slip away from his hands! I was ecstatic when Nadal scored his championship point. Wish the match had the same result but was a little more gripping towards the end!

But the drama that unfolded during the presentation is something I can't forget. I have seen Federer displaying his emotions after an emphatic win. But today, he cried like he had lost something really dear to him. I can only guess that he wanted to equal Sampras's really badly and was also probably mortified for not trying too hard!

Nadal once again proved that he is unstoppable. He even apologized to Federer for taking it away from him and reminded him that he is a great champion. Spoken like a true champion . I hope that the Federer-Nadal rivalry retains some juice in it because they seem to bring out the best in each other!

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  1. Even though the match went to 5 sets it always seemed Nadal would win it.....Rather than missing out on the 14th slam, I think Federer cried more so because his game broke down completely in the 5th set. I think it will take Federer sometime to get over this loss. Amritraj even went to the extent of saying Wimbledon seems to be the only place where Federer can win a grand slam this year.

    If Fedex wants to beat Nadal, he has to do some serious work on his backhand. Nadal just keeps peppering shoulder high balls to Federer's backhand.

    Besides Nadal , Andy Murray seems to have Federer's number. He beat him quite easily in the last few occasions. Then there's Djokovic as well.Things can only get tougher for Federer from now on. People said he would end with 20+ grandslams by the end of his career. That certainly seems unlikely now.

    I hope he can bounce back from this setback like all great champions!!