April 30, 2009

Hello Again!

It has been eons since my last post, so let me say hello to the handful few who read my blog!( i don't think it is reeaaally necessary though, coz most of the few people who read it are the ones i meet on a day-to-day basis in college :D) Anyway, i have a good reason for not updating my blog regularly. It is not for the lack of events to talk about! It's just that i have been pure lazy ;). And a proper valid reason that i changed my ISP and the new guys took 3 weeks to provide the connection.( i was internet-less and restless the whole time!!) Anyway, now that i have gotten back to blogging, let me get you up to date with the taaza khabar from my side.
Project is progressing at snail's pace. Gawd knows how Greeshma and i are going to tie the ends together by the final submission date. Am praying for a miracle! ;)
In the meantime, 75%( i guess that's the minimum) attendance has been made mandatory for us 8th sem CS people, in case we want to take the internals. Something unheard of in JCE! So your's truly has been slogging away in class in order to make the cut to be eligible to take the internals. Its killing me!
And there was also our CS Fest, CieSta during Feb-end that was a huge success, what with highly efficient people organising it ;). It was a precursor to a host of other departmental fests. While i was not plodding away in class, i was participating in the fests without too much luck with the prizes :(
In movie news, i have not watched anything new! Thanks to the producer's strike!
And who needs to watch movies when you can see the movie stars at the IPL! And i've been rooting for the CSK from the start of the tournament. It breaks my heart to see them lose!

Coming to TV, when Prison Break went on a break last year, i was wondering how the hell was i going to wait till April for the rest of the episodes!April has already come and gone! How time flies!! i am waiting to see how it ends now. It's about time it wraps up. They have been dragging it for a long time!
I'll leave other trivial stuff for later. Enough of boring you guys! But i have to mention the highlight of my day- i cast my vote today. i have been maha-thrilled about it during the run up to the elections. i can proudly show off the indelible ink on my finger now!


  1. Nice post..You summarized almost everything:)CSK have a huge task ahead to make it to semis.. Lets see what happens:)Good to know that you voted :)

  2. Awww...You are back at last!:)
    You have given a nice compact sum-up of all the events in the previous days.AMC has been the biggest tormentor eating up all the "maja-raja" of 8th sem!
    And you don't have to squeak alone every time CSK ends up on the losing side.We BRC's will always be there for you,Bangalore-Chennai bhai-bhai..:P:P
    Anyways,a nice post.Keep posting and all the best for project work..:P

  3. thanks both of you! I was relieved to see Chennai win yesterday. Can't say the same about BRC looking at the way they are playing today :( Lets see if Kallis does it for them today!

  4. CSK won yesterday! so cheer up now! :) the minimum attendance thing is such a pain! I have to have a min 85%!!.. that seems impossible what with the project and all! read some of your previous post.. nice blog! keep going :)

  5. 85%?! that's the ultimate torture!
    and ya, the CSK are totally charged up now. the semi final spot is pakka :) am smiling ear to ear :)