February 1, 2009

Pyar hua ikraar hua!

Before you get a different idea, i must say that this title is here for want of a better one!( And maybe, just maybe,a teeny-weeny attempt at trying to catch the reader's attention) Anyway, the song forms the central theme of an ad that's been on tv for a while. Yepp. The Airtel hello tunes ad featuring Kareena and Saif. Every time i see it on tv, i cringe and change the channel. So i decided to rant a little about it and get it over with!
Agreed that the commercial puts across the gana bolo and get the hello tune easily message effectively. But does it have to be at the cost of projecting Kareena to be dumb? Does she have to make that lame attempt to get the guy's attention while he is busy with his playstation? She remembers that Saif was humming some song the previous day but does not remember which!( It is from one of her Grandad's classic movies, for heaven's sake!) And doesn't the female know how to set a hello tune? Does she have to ask him to set it for her? Wonder why she agreed to be in the ad where she is no more than a showpiece, in the first place! And the most disastrous part of the ad is when Saif sets the tune by bolo-ing the gana into the phone and she gives this oh-my-god-its-a-miracle and you-are-so-great look. Can't the ad film makers come up with more decent stuff? Something like the Nokia ad with Priyanka chopra. It had Girl Power written all over it!


  1. She likes to act(or may be she is!!) dumb I think!
    If you have seen her & saif in KBC(I think SRK was the host then) she was as dumb as she is in this AD. ;-)

  2. I dont think she was shown to be inferior or anything.Its just some couple ad meant to look cute to the viewer.If everyone started doing their own thing just to prove they are not 'less' than the other,then there would be no interaction.

  3. There is hardly any interaction what with Saif focusing on the game. What I am trying to say is that its a badly done ad. Just to convey the ease of setting the tunes, they have put together some scenes! Don't regular mobile phone users know how to set a hello tune?
    And they have been over-exposed and over-used as a couple for promotions. Its a pain to see them again and again.