February 14, 2009

College beckons..

The 7th semester results came out today and i got back the "distinction" that eluded me the last time! Yours truly is very happy and thought it fit to share it with others. Not that it is a great achievement. Almost everyone i know has got one this time around. Happy that the VTU did not play spoilsport with any of us:)

Since i have a lot of free time at hand, i picked up Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged that i had left halfway through, and started reading it. At one point, one of the protagonists says that the most depraved type of human being is the one without a purpose in life. Got me thinking as to what the purpose of my life is! As of now, all that i am doing is living it to the fullest and having all the fun i can. Is that a good enough purpose? I suppose the actual purpose will be clear once i step out of the confines of the college into the so called "big-bad-world".

Speaking of college, it reopened on the 5th of this month. But as per JCE tradition, am yet to set foot into the class. Rumor has it that one particular lecturer is really furious at our indifference towards classes and is gonna take strict "action" when we get there. Like we cared about it for seven semesters! At most, the first internal will be really tough with incomprehensible questions and many will end up with single digits for marks. There was a time, maybe at school and PU college when a single digit was looked down upon. But engineering college changed my attitude towards it coz i became a single-digit-getter myself. I was horrified the first couple of times but got used to it as time passed and even started enjoying the process. It became a norm to score measly marks in the first internal and the third internal would be a challenge of sorts.This semester will be no different in that sense.

Am eagerly looking forward to the first day in class. After all, it is THE final semester. Most of the memories i will take back from college will be those of this semester. But i am not sure if i want to spend all my time in class. You see,after this, i wont have anymore classes to bunk! So attending college, bunking class and watching movies, roaming around and having endless conversations with friends is on the agenda for the semester. You never know, in the process, i might discover the purpose of my life!

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