August 25, 2010

Random ramblings

Four days at home. And i have had a smile on face pasted almost all through. I thought, why not just make a list of some of the random things that made me smile friday through today. Here goes:

1. This had to be number 1- the very fact that it was a long weekend.

2. Dishing up stuff for dad when Amma was away for a day. He couldn't stop raving about how much my culinary skills have improved.

3. A friend who left for the US a week ago sends me a picture of hers and asks me if she has lost weight from the last time we met! :P

4. Chatting with a friend and losing track of the time and wrapping it up when i heard birds chirping outside my window and realized it was about time for the rest of the world to wake up!

5. Getting caught by Police maama and the always and forever helmet wearing me trying in vain to explain that i had just washed my hair and hence no helmet. As an afterthought, the explanation wasn't necessary at all! Like the cop cared!

6. The fact that the early morning 4.30 express today to Bangalore was filled with techies- complete with the company T-Shirt, jacket, laptop bag and wednesday morning blues!

7. Waking up to the rain splashing on my window in the same train.

8. Sitting in the volvo, looking at the rain and falling asleep!

9. Coming to office in kinda high spirits to find an array of Onam sweets that my team mate has got! Guilt free eating day today! :)

1 comment:

  1. Getting caught with police made u happy!!! ???
    Sweets!! It ll make ny one happy for sure... hmmm