August 19, 2010

I miss home!

For someone who travels home to family every weekend, this isn't the appropriate thing to say, but i truly miss home today! I dunno if this feeling is amplified due to the fact that i did not go to Mysore last weekend ( I went on a trip to Munnar, yay! Please feel free to be jealous :P ) but it sure is there and there is nothing i can do about it till Friday!
In this one year at Bangalore, i have come to call my apartment my home. I get a happy feeling when i am back here after an exhausting trip, have my favorite corner marked out where i sit and do my reading and spend hours with the laptop. Time is invested in doing up the place, in keeping it tidy and the works. On the whole, perfect home ka material. But try what you may, you surely cannot find the most important thing that makes it a home- Amma! I wasn't always too much of a "missing Amma" cribber simply because i meet her every week and monday morning to friday evening isn't too much of a time to start missing someone!
But having said that, one most important thing i have come to realise is that at the end of the day, the only person in the world who is going to selflessly do things for you would be her! I value her more than ever now for it and intend to tell her that first thing in the morning!
And putting an end to my woes is the fact that this weekend is a LONG weekend! Four days at home- bliss like no other! Even Munnar would pale in comparison :)


  1. I miss bangalore crazzzzy loads even if I talk to mum on skype everyday and I literally come home every 3 months and every time I tell myself to use the break to travel around instead but home is home and nothing can beat a good week at home at the end of every 3 months for me :) have a fun weekend!

  2. definitely, there is no place like home. spending the last few days of the week in office before going home is so difficult! most times, i slap myself awake from day dreaming! have a happy weekend!

  3. @Perplexed
    Totally agree :) And thanks, thats what i intend to do :)

    Thanks! You too have a happy time at home!

  4. Its a true fact that.. its the Mother who makes all the sacrifice in life.. experienced it recently..