August 3, 2010

My forty winks

In Irrawati, at half past one
Premise :lunch just done

Settled in for a program introduction,
albeit with an uneasy sensation
When the TL kick started his presentation,
My mind started going into hibernation

Mind warned: Manager's sitting right here!!
Heart said: Swtich off, what's the fear?

Heart, as usual, conquered the mind
Blissfully in the dreams,myself i find.

Not until my head starts lolling
Do i realise i was sleeping.
Thank god, i do not snore
Else, I'd have been shown the door.

Shook myself up and went for a walk
Got back and did some talk-talk
When nothing helped, i started to write
Lo and behold, a poet has arrived! :P


  1. kya baat hai! Wah Wah!
    Manager might be in a dilemna 'whether to hibernate or to act as if listening infront of the Engineers'!! Everyone except the TL will be in their dreams for sure. :)

  2. Awesome! If such things come out of boring meetings, then they are worthwhile after all ;)

  3. Waaa..super Aparna..Truly a poetess has arrived:)

  4. @ Sho
    Thank you!
    And the manager has no choice but to act as if he is listening! :D

    I found this to be the best way of keeping myself up! And it works in shirking off the sleep too! Perhaps, from now on, i'll stick to putting some creativity to work during such meetings!

    Shukriya! :D

  5. I can see all possibilities of you becoming a renowned poetess some day in future provided you attend the meetings too often...[:P]

  6. Hey this is awesome!! :) Too good! :)

  7. ha ha ! LOL! good one :)
    I think your uncle and TL should know your talent and the poetess in you !! How abt sending this link?? ;)

  8. @Aneesh

    Thank you! The meeting;s got to be sleep inducing in order for the talent to come out! :P I'll try to come up with another poem the next time i have such a meeting!


    We can do that after the yearly review! :P

  9. hey this is a superb one :) liked to the core :)

  10. Wa Wa Wa...!!!!
    simple yet beautiful one...
    I think sleep is something which u can't control..that to after a lunch..
    i ve a history of sleeping in all the classes in coll.. not even leaving ny lecturer or professor...

  11. Along with being a cooker, you are a poetess too! Good good :-)

  12. @Jabir

    I too have done plenty of sleeping at college! What fun, it is! Once at work, there is absolutely no chance to do it! :(

    @I am guessing Mahesh ;)
    Nandri :P

  13. And its great that u have managed it... It should be a dream come true i think...;)