November 24, 2010

Water woes

I stay in an area that is not a BDA layout. Result : No Cauvery water. For someone used to Cauvery water in Mysore, it came as a surprise initially. Am actually thankful to the apartment owner who gets the sump filled from a tanker so that we have uninterrupted water supply. But the water has a weird taste. And we end up buying big cans of packaged water for drinking and cooking.

But what about the scores of people who cannot afford packaged water for consumption? Let alone potable water, there are people waking up at ungodly hours to simply fill up water for their daily requirements. This is because they get water supply for a measly one hour a day. Furthermore, there are areas that do not get any water at all. Bangalore apparently needs 2000 million liters of water per day( MLD) but is supplied with only 900 MLD. Of which 40% is stolen or lost or goes waste! End result: there are taps running dry everywhere, there are people who do not get enough water or end up with water that is unsafe!

When I travel towards Bangalore it is painful to see mounds of plastic in the outskirts of the town and little kids playing in the filth, and animals feeding on it. This kind of plastic ultimately clogs our rivers and drains. Just imagine, the water polluted from this kind of waste is what ends up in our taps!
The least we can all do is reduce the usage of plastic, carry our own bags everywhere while shopping. And more importantly, realize the value of water that we get. BWSSB gives a set of directives for water conservation. They are simple steps which if followed can help in saving a lot of water. Rainwater Harvesting has been made mandatory for all the houses with area more than 2400 square feet. And in case you see water wastage while travelling in the city, make that call and lodge a complaint. They apparently have a 24 hour hotline at 22238888 which can be contacted or simpler still, an email can be sent to
We pride ourselves in being the current generation and have big dreams that we chase. But besides all that, we also have some social responsibilities. Water is among the most basic of our requirements- it is the elixir of life. Being a part of the lot that has access to phones and the internet and are constantly traveling around the city, we can do our bit in reporting leakage or wastage of water. We ourselves can make a conscious effort in closing a leaking tap or reducing the usage of water or recycling it. The water that you save might just help quench someone else's thirst!


  1. The scenario in chennai is much more pathetic ! The shops are so used to dumping the waste on the road that even when you end up asking for a waste bin , he would give history of dustbins being stolen:D
    Only in the outskirts of bangalore is where you have water woes , but here even in the place where Stalin stays , there are about 300 people sleeping with mosquito nets as the pullover on the newly constructed pavements .
    People everyday stand with 100 buckets in front of the water lorry blocking the whole road .
    The roads are filled with water when it rains .
    Although supposed to be a well planned city there are no proper drainage systems anywhere .

    It would become a intriguing documentary to figure out the sewage system of chennai and its relation with the KUVAM ! (Holy Adyar River) . The only river which keeps you wondering realizing the fact that it flows all over the city at some of the most unexpected places .

    I think i can have a whole blog dedicated to chennai and how drastic a change it is in a distance 365km from bang!

    Will keep posting more on chennai woes !

  2. Hey, this blog is really good. It makes everyone who reads it, realize how much water they might be wasting in a day either by polluting it or by using it unnecessarily. I will do my bit in saving whatever I can and I sincerely hope that whoever reads it will do the same. Nice work Aparna. :)

  3. Hi Aparna,

    I really appreciate you doing research and putting the necessary contact numbers for submitting a grievance on how to solve the problem.

  4. @Sriram,

    People who are even remotely familiar with Chennai know of koovam and its ghastly levels of pollution! High time something is done about the drainage system. Everything ultimately goes into the river and it is the river from where we get our water too! It scary sometimes!!
    The situation in Bangalore is no different when it rains!


    Thank you! The idea was to put the message across. If everyone starts doing their bit, it surely will help a long way!

    Hey Anil,

    Thank you! I see you too have started blogging! All the very best with it! Hope to see a lot of good posts from your stable!

  5. @Aparna,
    Bangalore definitely has a lot of slopes for the water to flow in some direction which helps it to leave from any drainage inlet found , whereas Chennai is a cycle-able flat land which makes the water immobile and stagnate everywhere.
    I think they must use some kinda mechanical model to the sewages for the flow otherwise there is no point in just digging up a flat pathway .

  6. Am touched by it.. Its nice to know that there are people who are concerned about nature and other things pertaining to it.. just as me.. i proclaim to be one.. and am one....:P:P
    I have my self experienced days without water.. those were the days during 2nd yr puc.. there was acute shortage of water in the entire state and We supposedly livin in one of the old areas of the city used to not get water.. I,"I" used stay asleep the entire night and fill it up.. but I dont repent it for it.. as it gave me an opportunity and time to study without ny disturbance..:P:P strange but true.. adversity at its best.. lol rofl.. ha hah.. he hehe..

  7. Excellent Blog..... I think whatever had been mentioned about water woes is exactly true..... By conserving water or by recycling the water it will be very useful in some or the other way......