November 28, 2010

Arguments with self

I took a deep breath and tried to tell myself- OK, it is time to change. I look at a paler version of my previous self in the mirror and contemplate on what I have been doing in life! Is it that tough to start over? I think yes. For one, I am not like all the others who have the guts to do it. No, come to think of it, it doesn’t exactly need guts. But whatever it needs, I do not think I possess it right now. Two, I think of the sacrifice that would go into it and decide to give the thought up.

At the back of the mind, there is a point three also coming up. However, it does not support my current argument but speaks the contrary instead. The inner me ( lol for this one, the inner me :P ) tells me- Sweetie, how can you forget the past? How can you forget how it brought a whiff of freshness in your life and a step in your stride?

Well, I want to forget it! They were wonderful times full of happiness but my priorities are different right now. I have other things to think about and worries to sleep over. They definitely would not allow me to take the plunge and bring back a part of the past in my life right now.

But again, doesn’t everyone have problems? Isn’t life all about taking a chance?

But is taking that chance advisable if it comes in the way of my dreams? Tell me, is it right to sacrifice my dreams for something that “might” be helpful for me? I don’t really agree!

Good sense prevails. Dreams trump over whiff of freshness. I have decided. I am going to sleep for that extra half an hour. Its winter, come on, itna to banta hai! Waking up early and walking jaaye bhaad mein!


  1. hahaha! nice one! perils and pleasures of winter are back again! wish you a splendid extra half an hour of sleep!! :)

  2. hehe, nice one :) If so much of thought for a walk, what would it be for other "much more important" decisions?? I sweat at the thought of it :D

  3. Until i came to last line i didn't realize that it was ur dream.. btw i don't think i can ever remember the conversations of dream to such a good extend..:P:P
    nice one..
    Happy Winter..!!!

  4. Oh no no. You din't get it! It is not a dream! I said i'd rather sleep and dream rather than wake up. Don't wanna give up on the dreaming by waking up!:P

  5. Oh seems like i was dreaming something while i was reading this post.. ;) ha ha.. lol |:):)

  6. Ramkumar Shetti said... It's good to sleep in winter..... It's not bad to sleep for extra half an hour & dream for good things......

  7. Itna to banta hai & walking jaaye bhaad mein suits this blog......:-)