May 16, 2009

The blue book rests in peace!

I completed, no, successfully completed the last set of internal assessment tests of my engineering today. What a relief!!No more internals!! Each day of the internals is a trying experience and all that one wants is to get it over with. I really cannot get myself to believe that i have gone through almost 24 such sets of tests through these four years.
Way back in the first year, the internals were serious affairs with all of us sincerely preparing and vying to get the much coveted 25 in all the subjects. As we got higher up through the semesters, the interest and the seriousness waned, and so did the marks! The graph was anything but exponential. All that we prepared and prayed for was the magic number of 15, by hook or crook ;) ! There were some hopeless subjects along the way in which i thought i'd not get even that- EC,CO, Adv MuP, SE... i could perhaps list most of the subjects we studied! But to compensate for the nightmares they gave, i am sure we had some interesting subjects too, but i can't remember any of them :D. Do remind me if you can think of any!
Anyway, i am glad that i don't have to go through the ordeal of IAs anymore. It has been one herculean task to get those marks each semester. I'd like to thank all my friends who directly or indirectly helped me get through my internals. Thank you for the combined studies, for explaining all the stuff i'd skipped, for letting me peep into your books, for the pdfs and the chits! The marks wouldn't have been so good without your support ;).


  1. good one...hey but how come u wrote just 24 internals..the rest of us wrote 3 times that ;)... anyways we all will miss the 24 page blue sealed book

  2. i got just one more to go! ;) you forgot to mention.. signals, networks.. (oh wait.. you from CS?)you know.. I am going to miss micro chits.. the best thing man has ever come up with!

  3. Yeah!
    No more internals!
    No more eligibility criteria for internals :)
    No more avg ka tension :)
    No more micros/copying:(
    We miss you Blue book!But it wont rest in peace!! It'll find Juniors and new people and keep toubling for ever;)

  4. @ Vijeth
    three sets of internals each semester makes it 24 right?

    yepp. me from CS. i discovered the pleasure of using micro chit only this semester. wish i could have used it earlier. would have spared me a lot of trouble ;)

    yeah. let the juniors suffer! we are done. will miss the thrill of sneaking and copying though!

  5. I opine, you are still left with ACA on 23rd,aint it? you liar..:P

    haha..well,great post.We will all definitely miss the thrills,throbs,tensity and aura around the internals.

  6. Ah! the ACA test. Isn't it more of an aatak untu, lekkake illa thing? That's why i didn't mention it! What we will end up doing is sit together and co-operate and fill up pages on Saturday. Its a pity you are going to miss out on the fun!