July 21, 2011

Day 75: Life is about taking chances

Yepp. Am just back from the evening show of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. I went in with very high expectations- Hrithik's movie, rave reviews about it being similar to DCH, beautiful locales and a brand new multiplex.
At 5, after wrapping up work in the office, a bunch of us set out to Cinemax in Bangalore Central on ORR. Heavy traffic and rains ensured that we reached the place just on time to grab a bite and make it to the movie.
The movie opens with the engagement of Abhay Deol with Kalki. Abhay is his ever so cute self and Kalki plays the nagging, possessive fiancee to the T. We get to know about three friends who had a pact to go on an adventure trip before the first among them gets married. Fahan Akther plays the Mister i am so funny and cool Imran, who we are told writes commercials.
Hrithik plays Arjun, the workaholic who is neat, tidy, systematic and thinks that having money equals being happy.
As the movie opens up, we get to know about the inner demons that the three men are battling. There are three "surprise" adventure sports in store, as per the pact. The clever lines written by Farhan Akther are bound to keep you in splits. And you identify with a lot of the scenes that have friends poking fun at each other, bickering at times, supporting and understanding each other in times of need.
Farhan trying to woo Katrina, Hrithik's obsession with work, a Hermes bag, a chudail alert, Abhay's engagement scene are high points of the movie.
Though the movie tends to drag in between and the ending itself is slightly rushed, the performances leave you feeling happy. Abhay Deol fits perfectly in his character. Hrithik, as usual, is splendid :). Farhan Akther has the best lines among the lot.
The back stories tend to get boring. The locales did not make me feel that i want to go to Spain right now. I also missed having a touching scene in the movie that made me cry. Absolutely nothing that touched my heart so much that i shed a tear.
But the movie did evoke the sense of adventure in me. Made me want to seize the day and see the world. Cause after all, this Zindagi na milegi Dobara. One life, live it.


  1. I think Hrithik looked hot in the movie. Esp the part when he walks around in the airport at the start of the movie :P
    I agree about the cry-scene. I felt the movie took a tad bit long to drive home the point they set out to make.

  2. Hrithik looking hot is a given, don't you think so? ;) I did scream when they introduced him on screen :)