July 20, 2011

Day 74: Lifestyle Sale 2011

I too, like most of you have all those privilege cards from all the stores that i shop in. Each time i make a purchase, i swipe the privilege card. What am i ultimately going to get out of it, i don't know.
So about a week back, when the Lifestyle Sale began, i got an sms about a preview for the members of the Inner Circle of Landmark Group. Could not make it that day, but made a mental note to take a look at the sale. It kind of did not occur to me why one would need a preview. Until i landed at Lifestyle yesterday evening.
The place was thronging with people who had come all out in good numbers in a weekday to buy stuff simply because they were on sale. There were rows and rows of clothes of all possible brands with prices slashed. I don't know how, but they even had branded diamond jewelery with a big discount.
I don't know how many times i was prompted to pick up stuff on a impulse. But then good sense prevailed and before putting things into my shopping basket, i asked myself the ever important question- Do i really need it? That way, i did not end up with tonnes of shopping bags, unlike the lady in front of me in the billing queue. I did not count the number of bags she had, but her bill was certainly more than fifteen thousand rupees. And her son told her that the stuff would probably suffice a year and he was not going shopping with her for another year :)

What i took back from the outing:
1. Best to visit sales in the week 1 of the sale, so that you can get the best of the loot.
2. People go crazy during sales.
3. Try to avoid weekends as much as possible, unless of course, you want to see the entire population of Bangalore at one place.
4. Always ask yourself if you want the thing on sale or you are buying it just because it is cheap.
5. Keep in mind the fact that the sale is on just because the store wants to dispose those goods :P

Happy Shopping :)


  1. Point 4 had me nodding fervently !
    Thumb rule for any shopping excursion :)

  2. I loved the last point... Every time, i end up buying something in sale..(be it IND or US) there are always defective pieces.. my <3 pours out... :(
    Although, i must add that this piece is really worth going on BT-TOI... Would save a lot of ppl's money! :P

  3. @Anusha,

    Will we ever learn? :P