June 28, 2011

Day 52: Total Mall, Outer ring road

After seeing hoardings of the brand new Total that has opened near Mahadevapura, we set out to take a look at the place after office hours. There were some provisions that were pending shopping which are normally bought off the More Megastore in Mahadevapura. A new place always tends to lure one in. So we ditched More in favor of Total and went there anticipating steep discounts and tempting offers.
The place is situated strategically, right opposite the EMC2 office. The ground floor houses cosmetics, accessories and clothes. Somehow the whole planning of the mall did not sit well with me. It appears like a never ending tunnel. The brands of the clothes that they house aren't too familiar, nor are they easy on the pocket. The cosmetics section did not stock any of the latest stuff. The people here were still anticipating stocks of stuff that is already available in Mysore.
First floor is crockeries, home accessories, stationary and electronics. Unless you meticulously go through the entire store, it is easy to miss a lot of products that are on display.
They do not seem to have many brands lined up, nor much variety.
The second floor is dedicated to FMCG and groceries. Major grouse is that they do not seem to have any big discounts. The tagline of Total Mall is variety and value. I saw neither.
The arrangement of the soaps and shampoos are also very haphazard. The fruits and veggies not so fresh. The lack of attractive offers did the place in.
I have heard of Total Mall offering good discounts. Maybe this was not the season, but it is expected of a newly opened place.
My verdict: I would rather go to More megastore any day! At least i can return with some good bargains unlike here!

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  1. I hear they have a theatre there. Do you know if it's any good?