June 21, 2011

Day 45 : I love bangalore!

Was in Chennai over the weekend, to attend a function. The overnight journey in Cauvery express was pleasant. I got off the train, all wrapped up in a jacket, stepped out on the platform and the hot air hit me! I was all sweaty in a minute. And this was early in the morning. As the day progressed, the weather only became worse. A shopping trip that was planned to T Nagar was put off till the evening in the hope that the weather will get better. But i should have known better. Being is Chennai is like being in an oven 24x7. Only air conditioning can bring respite from that kind of heat! Thankfully, the marriage hall was fully air conditioned. Even at 8 in the night, there is hot air blowing. So i remained cooped up in the same place throughout the day.
All you want to do when there is to drink loads of water, juice and eat ice cream.
Made me realize one thing. Bangalore weather is great. I don't think i would ever move to that city. Thank God i got a job in Bangalore. Thank God for the weather here. And praying that it remains unchanged.

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