May 27, 2010

Kuch khaas hai!

Since yesterday, I have been sitting and watching old commercials on youtube. Most of them bring back fond memories. Like the "one black coffee" Ericsson ad. Or the Hamara Bajaj advertisement, the dhara jalebi ad. But what took the cake ( or chocolate ;) was Cadbury's. Two really lovely ads that i had almost forgotten. Jyo and i were watching it together and i immediately had a chocolate craving. The ads were that good. Thankfully, Jyo had not yet exhausted her Cadbury's celebrations hamper and we dug into it!
These ads are so much more better than the pehli tareekh ones that are on air now. Or even the pappu pass ho gaya versions. They are simple, the joy and expressions so real, that you want to smile with the characters. So many gratifying moments captured in one ad! Especially Omung Kumar dropping the chocolate and then blowing and eating it after making sure no one's watching!

The girl dancing like no one's watching on the field and the smile on her boyfriend's face (with the nothing-can-be-done-about-this-female look!) is a treat to watch! Will truly make you want to celebrate the happiest moments of your life with chocolate! Watch the video here.
Watch the ads but with a bar of Dairy milk by your side. Chocolate is truly the ultimate indulgence!

P.S. For some reason, i was not able to upload the second video. Anybody knows if there is a restriction on the number of videos a blog post can have?


  1. I still keep humming those hamara bajaj song.. it was really good.. other one with i keep humming is Liril's illa ilaa ....Thanks for taking us back down the memory lane. :)
    and oh yeah.. The cadbury's ad is quite refreshing..
    Memory down the lane be kya swad hey...;)

  2. thanks for reminding :)
    yavdo kaaldal keLid agith idanna...

  3. @Prathap and Nagraj

    :) Does evoke memories from when we were kids! Seems like such a long time back!