August 6, 2009

New beginnings

I have known this was coming, all along. For i spent the whole of the last month preparing for this day- buying stuff, getting documents ready, packing, you get the drill. The packing happened with a great deal of excitement, so much that mother dearest was under the impression that i could not wait to leave home. Somehow, i did not even feel a twinge of sadness when i went for one last time to the college to collect some certificates.
But today, as i put the last of my things into the suitcase, there is this queasy feeling in my stomach. I have never been away from home for long. This morning, i got up knowing that i won't be sleeping in that bed for hours together anymore! Seemed like the whole house was spinning around me! (Perhaps it was nausea but i am not exaggerating! ) To clear my head, i went for one last ride on the empty streets of Mysore and cried my way back home. Maybe i will get busy with my life in Bangalore to mull over this, maybe not. But today morning, i am not exactly a happy girl. I don't want to leave home! Only consolation is that i have the task of setting up a new home with friends and new experiences to look forward to. There are hopes and aspirations that life at the workplace will be challenging and fun. In the past, i have spoken at school and college about farewells being a mixture of happiness and sadness, but today i felt the full force of the feeling for the very first time! Saying goodbye is really hard. This is how i am possibly meant to feel. And the feeling might just fade away as time progresses. So bring on the wings, i am probably ready to fly!


  1. As much as you would look forward to new experiences with your friends at the workplace, life in b'lore, building a career, going places etc etc, there will be a days when you fell is all that is not worth it compared to the happiness that being in mysore gives you. Illogical, but extremely true. I've been there, the "chuck everything, let's resign and go back to mysore" stage! :P not to dampen your spirits, just sharing old memories. :) Good luck with your job. Remember, it's just a job!

  2. hey ,its just normal, evryone will
    feel it once when they leave home, you will get used to it .. don worry ....

    mysore is not far from bangalore its just 3hrs i guess, visit home every weekend ....

    any ways all the best for u job...

    hey r u joining wipro,bangalore ???

  3. Lot of Emotions & feelings involved:) really nice post.

    Well, I have had the same experiences & adversities too when I had to quit home for engineering.Your post brought back my memories of those last rides around my neighborhood,the last sleep on my bed,final look at my reading table(:P) the day before I said my sayonara to Udupi.

    Anyways,you have a great career to pursue,go after it,hunt it down.All your favorites,holdings & loved ones will persist & endure with you.All the very best:)

  4. Sorry for the delay in the reply. Was busy setling down in Bangalore :)
    The first week has been great. Am not sure how it is going to be in future. Anyway, thanks for the heads up. Will keep it in mind :)

    Am leaving for home today. Long weekend and am super excited. I guess i can dash home most weekends without much problem. Thanks for the wishes.:) And no. Am not joining wipro.

    Thanks Bharat! I so miss my vehicle in Bangalore. The roads are pathetic! Right now, am being have to be contended with going around in the cab.