July 17, 2009

It's raining, hallelujah!

When the month began, I had like a hundred plans about doing this and that. Top on my agenda for the holidays was to watch movies. The first week or so was wasted because of half a day long power cuts due to scanty rainfall( That's what the KEB people told me when i called to complain about the power cut). I resorted to reading and slowly got back my age old average of one book a day when the rain gods started smiling and the power situation got back to normal. The books were dumped in favor of movies and i had a nice time.
By then, it was time to look for a place to stay in Bangalore. And let me tell you, it is one of the hardest things that i have ever done in recent times. There are a thousand things to keep in mind- a place close to the office, a decent locality, many outlets close-by that dole out good food, comfort level in the house, good security, proximity to the bus stand and railway station, the budget, no water shortage and the list goes on! At the end of the two-day long hunt that spanned three areas and included both our relatives coming out to help, G and i finally found a house that almost suited our needs after a few compromises. What a relief it was! The both of us, along with Jyo are going to turn this flat into a nice and comfy home :) To think that when i started out, i was under the impression that i'd find like three or four places that i would really like and will have a hard time choosing one of them!!!
Back in Mysore, i am now spending all the time indoors, thanks to the incessant rains. There is lots of shopping pending and loads of clothes on the line that need to dry! But i am not complaining much. What better time to savor a cup of ginger chai and grab loads of sleep!! I still got about a fortnight before work starts. The usual whining and blues will begin then. Till then, i had better put my feet up and ease those worry lines!

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