January 26, 2009

Padma Shri Khiladi

At a recent awards ceremony, Akshay Kumar turned down the Most Popular Actor award and said Aamir deserved it instead. He spoke about how he loved Ghajini and how his own performance in Singh is Kinng,for which he was given the golden lady,paled in comparison. I was watching it on TV yesterday.So far so good. I was pleasantly surprised at his generosity.But after that he launched into a lengthy speech(John Abraham later commented that it sounded like a lifetime achievement speech!!).He spoke about how he badly wanted the award but did not think he deserved it and he refused to be the man who pretended to take it away from Aamir!!Like Aamir wanted that award!It's a people's choice award for God's sake!! Wonder what Akshay has to say about the Padma Shri now?? ;)

p.s. Hrithik got the Best Actor for Jodhaa Akbar and I was overjoyed. Am sure this is just the beginning of a spate of awards for an impressive performance!!


  1. Aishwarya also got Padma shri award right?
    Looks like everybody is getting!! :-)
    Watch this video: http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2Dn-rrdCCU&feature=channel_page

  2. Thank you!Needed a change ;)
    The video should have been for the padma awards.They are being giving away in lot.About 130+ people are getting the Padma Shri it seems, including Aishwarya.

  3. Hope we can all pull off a "padma" each into our cupboards, LOL :P It has lost its charm,SIGH...

  4. ha ha. I wonder what their problem was in including Vijender and the other guy into the list! Can't believe they were actually forgotten!!