January 14, 2009

JAI-HO Networks??

OK!My first post sucked big time! It was more like a what-I-did-in-my-vacation essay!!
And now,I have nothing to write about!!That's coz my holidays are being spent sleeping, watching Two and half men(rocking series!! ) and Grey's Anatomy and sleeping and watching movies and more sleeping. With so much time wasted, I hardly have any time left to prepare for the CN-II exam on Monday.The fact that inspiration to study is close to zilch does not help either!
When the notice about the postponement of the exam was put up(after loads of dilly-dallying by the VTU that resulted in anxious days and sleepless nights for people like me who prepare in the eleventh hour), I thanked the heavens for the elections. I also decided that I'd go really well prepared this one, what with 18 days' time for it. But we don't change, do we?!(like they say, nayi baala donku ;))
Am yet to get seriousness to study. Guess I might as well get back to TV now. I can start burning midnight oil from Friday.
By the way, the promos of Delhi 6 look great. That's one movie to watch out for.And Slumdog Millionaire is one movie you should not miss. Caught it over the weekend. Am besotted with Dev Patel now. The music of the film is great. Totally Globe-worthy. More power to ARR! Jai-Ho!


  1. We all belong to the same taxonomy of late-latif's.But luckily 11th hour preparations paid off this time,I think we all successfully cracked the nuts,alva Aparna? Cn-II was almost like a Cake walk after all that initial postponement hiccups and now you can move on with your rocking two and half or just 'half' men series :P

    Delhi-6 promos looks very catchy like its predecessor Rang De and I am sure it will live up to our expectations. I was wondering what does "masakali" mean yesterday until my friend said its the name of the bird in the song,surprising right?!

  2. ha ha.I too was wondering what Masakali was.. Googled it and found it was the bird. And the series is "two and half men". Done with 3 seasons already!

  3. Good, all exams are over. Sleep properly in holidays. They are meant to be spent lazily :P

    If you listen carefully, Jai-ho sounds more or less "Baazi lagaa" from Guru. Rehman copying his own music and getting original score award, sounds funny to me :-)

  4. Seriously!! The first line ka tune is just the same!! I had not heard Baazi laga before!
    Did you hear Delhi-6? Masakali,rehna tu and the title track are nice.The other songs are not very hum-able.

  5. Not heard of any of the songs, let me listen to them!