January 3, 2014

Viviana Mall Thane

The brand new Viviana Mall in Thane has been on my "places to be checked out" list for a while now. I waited for someone to put up a review or for the mall itself to update its website in order to see if it was worth the trip all the way to Thane. None came my way. So rather than waiting some more, we decided to check the place out on the New Year's day. And I am writing this post for the benefit of the people who are perhaps waiting for somebody to give some information about the mall.

Viviana Mall is located on the Eastern Express Highway, a little further from Korum Mall. It is almost 5 kms from the Thane Station. If you are driving, then you will be happy to note that they have ample free parking space. Just that, you have to do one whole pradakshan round of the entire mall in order to reach the parking lot.
viviana mall thane 1

The mall is pretty well laid out, with a courtyard in the center where they have their events and games. The walking area which is elliptical on each floor is flanked by stores on either sides such that you do not miss out on anything while you complete one round.
viviana mall thane 2

Once in, you find the usual suspects when it comes to the stores. But what was different was the number of anchor stores that the mall has. Its got Lifestyle, Shoppers stop, Hypercity, Homecentre, Marks and Spencer, Zara (awaiting completion), Pantaloons, Reliance Trends and perhaps the biggest Bata store that I have seen till date as anchor stores, clearly outnumbering those in other malls.
viviana mall thane 3

We reached there pretty early, in time to glance at the layout of the mall and do a quick recce before heading for lunch. Lunch was at the much-hyped Cream Center which overlooks Sanjeev Kapoor's Yellow Chilli. The food was decent, but certainly not upto the all of the hype around their food. Thankfully, the crowd started trickling in as we were wrapping up lunch.

viviana mall thane food court

There are plenty of options when it comes to food in the form of restaurants, aside from of course the food court. You've got Cream Centre, Pizza Works, The Yellow Chilli, Rajdhani, Mainland China, Fire House Grill, Yoko Sizzlers and Banana Leaf. There are many cafes at every floor, notable among those are Starbucks and Tea Trails a midst your regular Barista and Gloria Jeans.

viviana mall thane fun city

Once you are done eating and shopping, you can head to their Fun City for a round of bowling or play all of the shooting, racing and redemption games. Bowling is charged at Rs.220 per head and you can buy a card for the games at Rs.200, with Rs.50 being the minimum top up after that. The multiplex, Cinepolis is still under construction, not something you would complain about since the mall expedition itself will be a 3 hour affair. Add to it time for lunch or a refuel and games and almost your whole day is taken care of. Head out before the evening on a weekend since you want to avoid the crowd and the mad traffic on the expressway.


  1. thank you so much for your pics..very helpful

  2. Thanks, I got to know there is a bowling center coz of your blog :)

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