March 8, 2013


I called. And called once again. But all i could hear was a long beep. So i called the next number. Again a long beep. Now this only meant one thing. Both parties were busy conversing with each other. So i gave up. And called home. Just when i started speaking, i got a call back from the first person i called. I ignored, thinking i would get back after the current conversation.
Not even two lines into the conversation, another incoming call alert. This time from the second number.
Successive tries, first from me to him and his home. Then from him and his home to me. All the times same result. Engaged. Just like me.
All i remember from the day is flashing a smile and showing off all my teeth to the cameraman. Everything else is almost a blur. All the attention to detail, acting like a delicate darling in front of others, careful practice to remain calm and composed went for a toss in between the flurry of activity.
Life changing event? Truly speaking, i don't know. I came back from the function happier and a couple of grams heavier - both from the eating and the ring.That is pretty much what every person needs- a happy heart and stomach!
Oh, and by the way, Happy Woman's day. Couldn't have thought of a better day for my relationship status to change! More power to Girl Power!
P.S. To all the people i had assured that i would shout when the D day arrived, this is the shouting from the rooftop! :)


  1. Congratulations and tons of best wishes! :)

  2. Congratulations Aparna attige :) Hearty welcome to our Family :)
    - Sachin Pandit

  3. Thank you Sachin! Looking forward to meeting you at the wedding.

  4. Hearty congratulations Aparna : )

  5. @Sandesh and Prathap
    Thanks! :)