June 14, 2010

Mysore matinee

I stumbled upon the collection of my tickets from some of the movies that i watched during engineering college. Looks like Srinagaraja was my favorite hangout :P Now ask me to go there and i will give a shudder and refuse.

Woodlands, Sterling, Srinagaraja, Rajkamal used to be the places to go to after bunking a class. Many times, we'd spot people from other branches waiting in the same queue. The pleasure of grabbing a ticket from the counter after a long wait is something you won't get when you book it online. At 45 rupees, any movie was paisa vasool! Now if i see a 45 rupees ticket, i can only say, those were the days. Makes me feel really old! :(


  1. Nostalgic! Btw Aparna,the list must include "Saraswati" theater too..remember "Aramane"?:P

  2. Oh right! How can i forget Saraswathi! And Aramane! The story dint have one thing to cheer about. And what a theater! I dint include it coz that was the first and the last time i went to that place :P The movie will be an eternal reminder when i plan to watch any Kannada movie.

  3. the old day's are not came. we should remember........

    the crazy people, Q for ticket.......... that was not comes again...

    good article....

  4. Wish ur dad was following u on blogs... He get to know what used to happen to ur pocket money...:P
    Just kidding.. its great that u have preserved it such neatly..

  5. @Pravin,


    My dad already knows that i have blown a lot of money on movies! :)
    Can't preserve the multiplex tickets these days. The print on them wears off!

  6. It should be "Many times/Many a time", not "Many a times". I just have to point it out,don't I? Can't help it. It's a compulsion.

  7. Thanks a ton for pointing it out! Corrections are always welcome :)
    I shall make the change right away :)