April 12, 2010

Rain is falling

Only today morning did i read a report in the paper that the temperatures in Bangalore are going above the roof. Sunday apparently recorded a high of 37 degrees. And i was wondering how the hell would i manage at home without the cool temperatures of the workplace that i have so gotten used to!
So when I saw signs of rainfall while getting out of office, i was happy. The rain has literally been playing hide and seek for the past week or so. One is so hopeful that it will rain and the entire day gets spent without so much as cool breeze outside. Everyday, i call my mom and ask her about the weather in Mysore. And she cribs a good deal about it. Once she is done, it is my turn and i do so too. Today she excitedly called around the evening and said it was raining there. I was so hopeful and looked outside to see an overcast sky.
Looks like the rain gods have seen enough sweat on all our brows and have taken the matter into their hands. Its started raining! Ah! The smell of mud when it rains.
Complete with thunder and lightening, it looks like we are in for a rainy night. How wonderful will it be if it rains really heavily and the offices declare that the employees can all work from home that day. Or else there is a flood-like situation at the workplace! I know it is too much for a person with the office in the 10th floor to ask for ;)
Anyway, i hope it continues to rain and the temperatures come down so that we can all venture out without the fear of being burnt down in the scorching heat.
And alongside, i shall also pray that this causes no harm to the mango crop. I would not want to trade eating yummy mangoes all through the summer for anything else!


  1. 37 degrees??? Thats exactly our body temperature!! So, as there s no thermodynamic difference between d body temp n dat of d surroundins, heat shud neither enter us,nor shud it go away from our body!!! So, where's d problem ??? ;-)

    (Sorry 4 d sheke comment on such a nice article :))

  2. I really don't have a witty reply for this ;). I am sure you will be back in Bangalore before the summer goes away. Then if you complain of heat, i will repeat the same statement :P

  3. I would like u to answer my question thermodynamically.. in the search of the answer, u may find the answer for ur question also.
    You sweat in summer as soon as u have ur shower say at 50 degree water temp but not so in winter???
    why is it ny idea..
    Sorry, i don't have a answer!! am in search of it. pls help me by giving some clue or the answer itself.. :-)

  4. Sorry by mistake i have posted it as Anonymous.
    My name is Prathap Shoroff..

  5. @pratap shoroff: Dude,here goes d answer for ur summer-sweat-shower confusion: Sweat is just a secretion of sweat glands whose primary work is to cool the surface of the skin and thereby reduce body temperature.This is required as there is a fat layer,which is an insulator, between skin and inner parts.
    So, in winter since there s need for excessive cooling of d outer skin, thanks 2 d outer atmosphere temperature which will not b so high, the sweat glands do not secrete sweat. But, in summer,the temp will b high n need some conditioning!!!

  6. dude my first comment was just a pj n don take it scientifically !! Infact, whatever the heat transfers happen can just be between SKIN and SURROUNDINGS!! It can never penetrate beyond dat fatty layer present beneath d skin.So no matter wat d outside temp is, body temperature is ALWAYS 37 deg C, except wen u catch fever in which it can shoot upto as high as Anil Kumble's highest score in Test cricket career ;-)

  7. nice post! i was coming up with a list of good things about rain! i dont know how, but i had left mangoes out!! prices are way too high still.. :(

  8. @Anoop
    Well, now that you have come down to scientific answers, lets get to your first question. According to you, the body is at equilibrium with the surroundings. But you forgot to account for the heat that is constantly being produced by the body by burning food. So that's why we feel the heat.

    Hope Anoop answered your question. But i can't be sure that the body can reach 110 degrees.

    Agree. Have not bought them in Bangalore yet. The ones i got at Mysore were not very good. It is about time we start getting good ones in the market!

  9. Prathap Shoroff
    @Anooop: Thanks very much for ur answer. Am quite a bit satisfied with ur answer. I have always hated bio, so probably thats the reason i could find the answer. But yet ur answer is quite good.

    @Aparna: I also donnoo if the body can attain a temp of 110 degrees..lol..;-)

  10. Check out the prices of mangoes for this year!!!
    in times..they are as high as 110 degree.. loll.. production is reduced by 70%..:-(

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  12. @aparna: Hey i already mentioned dat it was just a pj :)

    @aparna n pratap : 110 degree Fahrenheit i meant , which is viable !! ;-) i donno y u guyz take default unit as Celsius ;-)

    (To b frank, i dint really know anil has hit a century!! I remembered 44 as his highest score,don know y ;) Nehow 110 degree fahrenheit comes around that i suppose ;-) )

  13. @Prathap
    That is REALLY sad. Maybe as the summer progresses, it will come down. Otherwise we will have to maange with mango ice cream and maaza.( i so pray that doesnt happen! )

    I know the comment was meant to cause sheke(lol!) and that's why initially i said i had no witty reply anta.. :)
    And about the temperature, the maximum that the body can withstand is 104 F. 110 is too hot to handle :P

  14. Hmmm :) I m not an expert in bio, but i think burnin food n all other metabolic activities just maintain d temperature, wont make us feel heat i guess..and regardin temp, i picked it up from http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_temperature_can_your_body_withstand .

    Anyhow i feel this is goin too much scientific which is not good ;-) so i think v can come back to yummy mangoes, smell of mud and stuffs like those :)

  15. OMG i just realized. I will be totally missing the mango season! Bahhhh!

    Mysore must be a lot better weather wise no?

  16. Yeah.. these days it rains there too.. But on a normal day, bangalore is a lot cooler!
    And don't you worry, looks like we too won't be getting too many mangoes this year around.