January 31, 2010


When i was moving to Bangalore, the most prized possessions of my luggage were the gas stove, rice cooker and utensils that i had got from home. Apart from shifting base and starting work, the next most exciting thing for me was to set up the kitchen, experiment with cooking and also trying out food at different eat outs.
After being astounded by the prices on the menu in the various restaurants i visited and being not-so-happy about the taste, I have resorted to eating out only once a while when some place is very highly recommended.
These days, whenever my flat mates and i feel like eating something, we generally google the recipe or call back home to find out how it is made and then start work in the kitchen. Since cafeteria food is plain boring, lunch is also cooked and gets packed in the ubiquitous tupperware boxes. Of course, half of our ideas for the lunch box are borrowed from the friend whose mom packs delicious sabjis to go with his chapathis and paratha each day.
With so much cooking happening, the three of us at home end up spending half of our non office hours cooking and exchanging notes in the kitchen, over a steaming pot. Whether it is a full meal or just a cup of adrak ki chai, the pleasure of eating stuff that is a result of one's own effort is simply unmatched(even when it turns out not-so-great sometimes). So we thought we should start a food blog( here we go! Don't we have enough of them already?! Maybe yes, but we need to document our culinary achievements somewhere! ;) ).
Perfecting the art of cooking is a process that takes years. We are just starting off. And as long as i am, i will cook. And as long as cooking happens, i will post. Here is hoping that the blog is a document of our progress as cookers( that's what we like to call ourselves ;) ) And also hoping that the three many cooks don't end up spoiling the broth.


  1. hehe nice one! :) and do let us know if you need any food critics :P we are ever ready :D

  2. Ha ha. Sure Mahit. I'll come to you with the defected recipes- you can taste and tell me what went wrong. ;)

  3. I would've loved to experiment with cooking,but i dont have guinea pigs(flat-mates :P) and no flat/house either.Good luck with the cooking spree! :)

  4. He he.. thanks Anusha! And i am the first guinea pig when it comes to stuff that i make ;)

  5. Mahesh ( your long lost cuz :p )August 3, 2010 at 11:40 AM

    A male cook would be a cooker. Extrapolating it you gals would be cookies :) not so smart ones :D

  6. Wonder why it dint hit me when i named the blog cookers! anyway, doesnt matter. will let it be as it is :P