December 30, 2009

My year end lists

I love lists. Like Alan Harper of two and half men, i make lists for almost everything. Shopping, packing for travel, movies to watch, restaurants to try out and so on. With the year drawing to an end, we've got every Tom, Dick and Harry with an audience or readership coming out with lists- best movies, best songs, best moments of 2009 and so on. So i was like, what about my best and worst lists?; they should go up in the blog. Hence this post. Only that, i don't exactly have a big list for everything. Maybe i'll just list out the best and the worst of a few things that really stayed on in my mind. :) I don't expect anybody to agree with them coz i have this eccentric taste sometimes:)
So here goes a few of my personal year's bests-worsts and expectations from the next year.

Best movie of 2009: Wake Up Sid. Loved Ranbir in the movie. ( I so wish Hritik was featured in a full fledged role in some movie. This would have totally gone to him! )

Best song: A tie between Chor Bazaari, Ikatara and Dhan te dan.

Best book: Or books. The Twilight series. Call me a hapless romantic, but i totally loved the series!

Best TV show: Highway On my plate on NDTV good times.

Most entertaining show: Rakhi ka swayamwar. People who watched it will agree with me. Maybe bigG boss was a serious competitor, but i was not blessed enough to follow the show and its kamaal ke characters.

Cutest tv actor: Josh Radnor of How i met your mother.

Most unwanted death on tv: Michael Scofield of Prison Break. Did the man have to be killed?

Worst movie of the year: From the ones that i watched, I must say What's your Rashee. Its one thing to overact. But in 12 roles?! No thank you.

Most adorable movie character: Russell from Up.

Most overrated restaurant: For me, it would be Rajdhani. I know that it has been around for a while, but i discovered it only this year. After reading rave reviews about their authentic vegetarian food and all, i probably had really high expectations. The food wasn't great. And blame it on my inability to gorge down food, I don't think i got value for even half of the 300 bucks that i spent on the thali.

Best ad: The docomo train advertisement.

Best moment: When i finished my last exam of the 8th semester.

Most exciting moment: It was the day my first salary was credited into my account. The cell phones of most of the people around me went off with salary update messages and i could see this smile wave spreading across.

Other random things:

  1. Loved the Crest edition that Times of India came up with.
  2. Booster Jus simply robs people of their money.
  3. Malleshwaram and Jayanagar offer some of the best places to eat in Bangalore.
  4. We should have more radio stations playing Hindi and English music. Whats the point in having so many stations when all of them are playing the same kannada songs over and over again!!
  5. It is great to have friends from college in the same office and having one of your best friends for a room mate. Saves the trouble of getting used to and adjusted to the person.
  6. Shopping is really fun when you go swiping your card. Its only when the bills are checked that the guilt really starts!
  7. Almost all the nice guys are taken. Really!
  8. Two States was probably one of the most widely read books of the year. I saw almost everyone around me reading the book.
  9. It is great that there is a McD in almost all prominent shopping places. Don't really cre about the taste or calories as long as i get the energy to keep me going ;).
  10. It is so funny that one can't remember much from the first half of the year when making lists such as this!

Anyway, here's my wishlist for 2010:

  1. Slightly less clutter in the city. Wish something could be done about the traffic in Bangalore. I am sick and tired of travelling for almost 2 hours to reach Majestic from work every friday.
  2. More restaurants serving a good vegetarian fare.
  3. Autodrivers asking for not more than 20 bucks for minimum distance.
  4. Stores giving a small cashback to people getting their own bag. It is high time something is done about the plastic bag menace.
  5. Quality movies being released. Especially in the regional languages. I can't think of many good movies with big stars in Tamil and Telugu being released this year.
Well,perhaps there are more, but i can't remember any right now. Tonight will be spent ruminating over the year and going over its pluses and minuses. Then there is also a big list of resolutions to be made. Phew! Ushering in a new year does take some effort. Anyway, 2009 was great for me and am hoping the next year will be better still. Hope your new year brings you loads of smiles and success. Happy New year!


  1. Amazing post Aparna, really hilarious:) One of your best.Great wish-list(s).

    You saw Rakhi's show??????:P -- AWWWW..

    BTW , "Almost all the nice guys are taken.Really!"-- Can you please elaborate and expand the above line?:P

  2. Thanks Bharat.And yes. I did watch the show. Jobless as i was at home that time.
    And i am not elaborating the line. If i had to, i would have done it in the post itself!

  3. Great post Aparna..!! Two thumbs up for u.. :)
    I'm gonna repost this post on my blog(of-course modify it according to me).. Sorry for tat...

    I cant imagine how can somebody watch rakhi Ka Swayamwar...

    Last but not the least, Wish u a very happy new year.. Have a blast n keep writin.. :)

  4. great post!! these days, even i am finding myself obsessed with lists! i agree with you on most things! twilight series certainly is the best! hey, did u forget reliance ad featuring hrithik as pied piper?! i totally loved it! though i cant understand how u found raakhi's swayamvar entertaining!! it could easily be the most annoying tv show in my list! :P
    PS: yes, almost all the nice guys are taken :(

  5. @Jabir
    Thank you very much. I'd like to read your version of the list too! And why is everyone so not with me about Rakhi's show? It had loads of masala, she gave speeches about her being a bharatiya nari with ideals(!!) and her overacting was worth discussing!

    Yes! The pied piper act was good. I almost forgot. But this is a simple ad without any Big brand ambassador. And its got this warm appeal. Maybe that's why it scores over reliance for me. And about the guys, lets not worry. Maybe 2010 has something in store for us ;)

  6. @Aparna & Divya
    Adding on the discussion regarding advertisements, you guys left Zoozoo's behind? I guess, easily it was the stand out performer among all the ads. May be the best ad campaign of this decade.
    Also the Maruti Suzuki Service(kid getting along only with its mum)ad campaign was also beautifully done I suppose.

  7. OOh!yes! the service ad is simply great! And so also the zoozoo ads. But it seemed like an overkill after a while..
    One more ad that i thought was great is the airtel roaming ad where the kid gives the dad's phone number to all the friends on little chits and wishes them happy hols. Really cute!